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"My Point of View", pastel, 18x24", $1200


"Life Reflects the Heart", pastel, 18x24", $1200

"Dusk is Closing", pastel, 11x21", $600

"I Won't Grow Up", pastel, 12x18", $900

Dusk is Closing, 11x14

"Across the Green Fields", pastel, 11x14" SOLD

Across the Green Fields.jpg

"To a Fading Flower", pastel, 7x5", $275

"My Point of View", pastel, 12x12" $600

My Point of View.jpeg

"The Beauty of Sunlight and Flowers", pastel, ink, pan pastel, 11x14" - $125

The Beauty of Sunlight and Flowers.jpg
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